I was born in the 1950's just as technology had reared its head and life was so different than today but now all that was in my head as imaginary has come to pass ! men have been to the moon no longer was lost in space such or the novel first men on the moon just an idea .... how things have changed since 1952 and what would life be like for us if we had to return to that time ?????
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November 2, 2008 by maralyn1952
 Well just from telling you that little bit about me and how things used to be it prompts me to asking for any of you that may just fall on this blog to ask yourselves how you think you would manage without our technology? it is a scary thought you know , you may not think it is as we now all take our computers for granted less you are the same age group as me that is but try to imagine how we all would manage with a phone that had to be attached to a wire on the wall or the desk.... no cho...